We use technologies used by market leading companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Whatsapp, Amazon, Alibaba.

These technologies are proven and recognised for their performance on projects of all scales, guaranteeing the opportunity for growth.

Gyms Control

Web system for gyms, management of plans and subscriptions, clients, sales, electronic invoicing, sending emails and messages to clients, executive reports.

Your information is secure and available anywhere.

Business Productivity

Business email, private - encrypted - calls and video conferencing, cloud storage, website, virtual desktops, cloud servers.

Security is our priority: end-to-end encryption.

S.M.A.R.T. Spatial Monitoring And Reporting Tool

Consultancy for the implementation, maintenance and support of SMART software. This software is the No. 1 worldwide for environmental and wildlife conservation.

Configuration of maps, servers and clients both desktop and mobile application.

Point of sale and electronic invoicing

System for the sale of products or services through sales notes and electronic invoices authorised by the SRI (Internal Revenue Service - Ecuador).

Sales, income and basic inventory reports. Sending of electronic invoice mail

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