>_ S.M.A.R.T.
Spatial Monitoring And Reporting Tool

SMART is software that measures, evaluates and helps to effectively improve wildlife law enforcement and environmental conservation.

This software has a business plan matured for more than 10 years and has been created in a collaborative effort of nine global environmental conservation agencies. This effort is joined by several organisations worldwide with the aim of strengthening and expanding environmental conservation. 

Further information https://smartconservationtools.org/

Technological advice and support

We support your initiative to conserve the environment, we advise you on the process of implementing the tool, geolocation maps and management of the tool.

Installation of SMART v6

SMART client-server installation. It can be installed on a virtual server and even virtual desktops and clients for the centralisation of information.

In addition, in this SMART v6 version there is the possibility of using a beta app.

In Ecuador, there are only two organisations using this valuable tool and there are many areas that can be protected.

Environmental conservation is in your hands